super blood moon flower pictures worldwide: super blood moon flower and lunar eclipse

Incredible views were seen in the sky on Wednesday evening in many parts of the world. Almost six years later, a full lunar eclipse, blood moon, and super moon all appeared in the sky simultaneously. We saw it with great enthusiasm all over the world to see it. The lunar eclipse has been observed in parts of East Asia, the western part of the Americas, islands in the Pacific Ocean, and throughout Australia. Those who were in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Papua New Guinea had the most spectacular view of the lunar eclipse. At these locations, the lunar eclipse was observed continuously for about 5 hours. During the lunar eclipse, the earth’s shadow initially covered the moon, thanks to which the moon was visible but its luminosity was reduced. There came a time when the Earth was completely covered by the moon. After that, the moon turned completely red due to the influence of the earth’s atmosphere. Let’s see some interesting pictures from around the world.

Moon hidden behind earth, view from lunar eclipse

To see this rare spectacle in space, observatories from the Americas to Australia have turned their telescopes to the moon. He also did a live webcast of the super moon to make it visible. However, due to cloud cover in many parts of the world including Chicago, Seattle, America, people were also disappointed that they couldn’t see the moon. However, Australians were fortunate enough to see the red moon from the sun. During the lunar eclipse here the sky was clear and people could see the moon everywhere. In many countries of the world, the moon has appeared much larger than its size. Scientists called it Flower Moon. According to experts, the moon appeared about 7% larger than the normal days after the lunar eclipse. The super moon has appeared all over the world but the lunar eclipse has only appeared in certain parts of the world. During the lunar eclipse, observers had to work quickly because it mainly lasted only 15 minutes. The next full lunar eclipse will take place after one year. The image is from Fiji.

Know what the blood moon is, why the moon looks red

The blood moon was also seen in many parts of the world on Wednesday evening. In fact, when the moon is completely covered with the shadow of the earth, it turns dark but not completely black. Instead, it looks red, hence the full lunar eclipse is also referred to as a red moon or blood moon. Sunlight has all the colors of visible light. As it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, blue light is filtered while the red part passes through it. Therefore, the sky appears blue and redness prevails at sunrise and sunset. In the case of a lunar eclipse, red light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and turns towards the moon while blue light stays outside of it. This makes the moon completely red. It can also range from orange or red to brown. The image is from Israel.

What is a super moon? What is the meaning of super?

U.S. space agency NASA has said that in 2021, the Flower Moon will be closest to Earth than other full moons. Due to which it will appear as the closest and largest full moon of the year. While circling the earth, a situation arises when the moon is closest to the earth, that is, the shortest distance. During this time, its distance from the closest point in orbit is approximately 28,000 miles. This phenomenon is called a supermoon. As the moon approaches, she looks big and bright. By the way, it’s hard to find a difference between a super moon and a normal moon unless both sides of the position are looking sideways. The slide image is from the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

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