Super Earth: Super Earth discovered in the Milky Way orbiting a star: an Earth-like planet orbiting a star in the galaxy

Scientists are busy searching for life on any planet other than our earth. At present, no such planet has been found, but a “Super Earth” has been discovered. This hot, rocky planet orbiting one of the oldest stars in our galaxy. It is located outside of our solar system. Its size is 50% more than our earth and three times the mass. That’s why it’s called super-Earth.

Why is this discovery important?

The study was presented Monday at the American Astronomical Society meeting and will be published in The Astronomical Journal. The planet named TOI-561b only takes half a day to complete a tour of its star. However, its surface temperature is 2000 K due to its short distance from its star. The planet was discovered by the NASA mission of the US Space Agency. Elements such as iron and magnesium are found where this planet was found and the presence of planets is generally not expected here.

Is life possible?

The researchers discovered the mass, density and radius of the planet with help from the WM Cake Observatory in Hawaii. However, astronomers were surprised when they found that despite its mass, its density was equal to that of the Earth. This indicated that this planet is quite old. From the internal information of this planet, one can know whether life is possible here or not. Even though it looks rocky like the earth, its temperature is hotter but it will be interesting to know if there has ever been life here. If that had happened, how would this world have been.

History of billions of years ago

According to the study’s lead author, Lauren Weiss, the planet is the oldest of the rocky planets ever discovered. This suggests that the rocky planets in the universe began to form 14 billion years ago with his birth. Besides YOU, two other planets are in orbit around this star. Both are quite large and appear to be made of gas. Our Milky Way galaxy is believed to have formed 12 billion years ago. This star and its planets were formed 10 billion years ago when our sun is 4.5 billion years old.

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