Supermoon 2021: Supermoon Pink Moon 2021 Photos: Supermoon Pink Moon Photos 2021

If you look at the sky in the midst of a pandemic on earth, the eyes can be relieved. In fact, the moon is closest to earth these days and this vision of the “super moon” is seen all over the world. During this time, the moon is closest to its orbit around the Earth and is therefore much larger than a mango full moon. You seem to have almost come down from the earth. (Photo: Sitting in a park in Indiana, US, looking at the moon, AP Photo / Charlie Riedel)

Just a jump …

In 1930, Maine farmer Almenk began printing the name of the Native American moon. As a result, the full moon in April is called the pink moon. It is said to be named after a plant that is found in America. (Photo: Moon looking behind Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia, AP Photo / Mark Baker)

Not many names

Apart from Pink Moon he received many names such as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon. He is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti among Hindus. Buddhism This is the Bak Poya when the Buddha arrived in Sri Lanka and avoided war. (Photo: Moon showing behind Sydney Oprah House, AAP Image / Mick Tsikas via REUTERS)

This year two supermoon

The name Supermoon was given by Richard Knoll in 1979. There are two supermoons taking place this year. The second super moon will be on May 26 next month. It will be closer than in April. (Photo: Moon showing behind the mysterious stones of Stonehenge in Britain, REUTERS / Toby Melville)

The moon has come down

The moon behind Dresden Cathedral. (Photo: REUTERS / Matthias Rietschel)

Pink moon city

‘Super Pink Moon’ pictured above the Empire State Building in New York City. (Photo: REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

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