Supermoon Blood Moon 2021: lunar eclipse, blood moon and supermoon today all three together see beautiful pictures from all over the world – total lunar eclipse, blood moon, supermoon 2021 latest pics India Australia and we all see here

The first lunar eclipse of the year took place on Wednesday, that is, Wednesday. People have their eyes fixed on the sky to see the breathtaking view of the world today. In fact, today the Full Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon, and Super Moon are visible together. This astronomical event occurs after six full years. There is also a lot of enthusiasm among scientists around the world. Today’s lunar eclipse has also started to appear in Australia and America. This phenomenon has already started in India, but people will only see it when it is dark. This lunar eclipse will start at 2.17 in the afternoon and end at 7.15 in the evening.

Moon appearing much larger than normal size

This photo was taken from Australia. Today, in many countries of the world, the moon is much larger than its size. Which scientists named the flower moon. If the night is clear, this event will be seen in India overnight. Like any full moon, it starts from the east and ends in the west. The deepest shadow of the full eclipse will remain for approximately 15 minutes. After that, the moon will gradually start to appear in great shape.

After all, why does the moon look red?

When the moon is completely covered with the shadow of the earth, it becomes dark but not completely dark. Instead, it looks red, hence the full lunar eclipse is also referred to as a red moon or blood moon. Sunlight has all the colors of visible light. As it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, blue light is filtered while the red part passes through it. Therefore, the sky appears blue and redness prevails at sunrise and sunset. In the case of a lunar eclipse, red light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and turns towards the moon while blue light stays outside of it. This makes the moon completely red.

So what does that mean? What is a super moon?

This Supermoon image is from America. U.S. space agency NASA has said that in 2021, the Flower Moon will be closest to Earth than other full moons. Due to which it will appear as the closest and largest full moon of the year. While circling the earth, a situation arises when the moon is closest to the earth, that is, the shortest distance. During this time, its distance from the closest point in orbit is approximately 28,000 miles. This phenomenon is called a supermoon.

What does super mean?

As the moon approaches, she looks big and bright. By the way, it’s hard to find a difference between a super moon and a normal moon unless both sides of the position are looking sideways. What is a lunar eclipse A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is completely or partially hidden in the shadow of the Earth. This phenomenon occurs during the full moon. Therefore, first try to understand the full moon. This is an image of a lunar eclipse in America.

The moon appears in full size on the day of the full moon

Like the Earth, half of the moon is illuminated by sunlight. The position of the full moon is formed when the moon and the sun are in the opposite direction of the Earth. It makes the moon look like a saucer at night. The Moon, twice in each lunar orbit, is on the same horizontal plane as the Earth and the Sun. If this matches the full moon, then the sun, earth, and moon come in a straight line and the moon will pass through the shadow of the earth. This leads to a complete lunar eclipse.

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