Supreme cancels curfew in Balearic Islands and concludes that it can only be enforced with a state of alarm


Posted: Thursday June 03, 2021 1:01 PM

The Supreme Court overturned the curfew in the Balearic Islands, thus accepting the appeal of the prosecutor’s office and concluding that this restriction can only be applied under the “protection of the state of alarm”.

The tribunal de grande instance also considers that this measure, as well as the limitation of social gatherings – which it has also removed – are not proportionate given the epidemiological situation of the territory.

“Neither the Governing Council of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands nor the District Court have justified that the aforementioned health measures restricting freedom of movement and the right to family privacy were essential in view of the epidemiological situation which then prevailed over the autonomous territory, but are based only on considerations of prudence, ”specifies the order to which LaSexta had access.

Nighttime mobility restrictions were authorized by the Balearic High Court of Justice on two occasions after the state of alert ended, although the regional government has already announced that it will not extend this measure and that, therefore, it would end in June. 6.

As for the limitation on social gatherings – which also disappears after the Supreme Court order – the Balearic Islands also plan to extend them from 8 to 15 outdoors and from 6 to 10 indoors.

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