Supreme Court of Pakistan Decision: Order of Daniel Supreme Pearl, Publication of Supreme Court Order on Terrorist Omar Sheikh – Pakistan Supreme Court Orders Release of Daniel Pearl Murderer Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh

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Pakistan Supreme Court ordered the release of Omar Sheikh, Daniel Pearl’s killer, court dismissed petition challenging Sindh government’s High Court ruling, Umar told Supreme Court he had “ much less played ” in Islamabad
Pakistan’s Supreme Court ordered the release of Pakistani terrorist Ahmed Omar Sheikh, the assassin of American journalist Daniel Pearl. The Supreme Court rejected the Sindh government’s petition. In his statement, Omar told the Supreme Court that he played “very little” a role in the murder of Daniel Pearl. Previously, the High Court of Sindh had ordered the release of Ahmed Pearl Omar Sheikh, Fahad Naseem, Saeed Salman Saqib and Sheikh Mohammed Adil from Daniel Pearl.

Upon hearing the murder of Wall Street reporter Daniel Pearl, the High Court of Sindh said it was illegal to keep the four terrorists in jail. Subsequently, the government of Sindh appealed this decision to the Supreme Court under American pressure. Omar Sheikh is the same assassin who was freed by India in 1999 in exchange for an Air India plane leaving Kandahar. This decision to leave Omar Sheikh is considered a decision of the ISI.

On April 2, 2020, after a sentence of 18 years, the High Court heard the appeal of these terrorists and acquitted Sheikh, Saqib and Naseem. The court changed Shaikh’s death sentence to 7 years in prison and fined him 20 lakh Pakistani rupees. Omar Sheikh has already spent 18 years in prison and his seven-year sentence has ended.

Omar tried to kill himself by hanging on the fan
Omar Sheikh remains in detention under anti-terrorism law after being acquitted by Pakistan’s Imran Khan government following international pressure. The Sindh High Court, in its order, said these terrorists should be released and their names should be kept on the no-fly list so that they cannot leave the country. The judge said that these people rot in the prison without committing the crime.

The court’s decision to acquit Omar Sheikh has been severely criticized. Even Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood expressed surprise. The National Press Club and the National Press Club Journalism Institute have appealed to the Pakistani court to reconsider this decision. Pearl was the head of the South Asia bureau of the Wall Street Journal and was kidnapped and beheaded by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002. In 2014, Omar attempted suicide by hanging himself from a ventilator.

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