Supreme Court upholds Isa Serra’s 19-month prison sentence


Updated: Monday 05 July 2021 11:51

Published: 07/05/2021 11:38 AM

The Supreme Court on Monday confirmed the sentence to one year and seven months in prison of Podemos spokesman and former deputy in the Madrid Assembly, Isa Serra, for an offense of undermining authority in incidents after an eviction in January 2014.

The second chamber of the High Court dismissed the appeal of Serra, who was also disqualified from elected office during the term of her sentence. The purple leader was also convicted of an offense of injury and an offense of damages, both fined 1,200 euros.

In the sentence, to which laSexta had access, the Supreme Court indicates that Serra was “voluntarily inserted” into a group that threw objects at the Madrid municipal police on January 31, 2014. “This action which, although it was not provided for (. ..) does not allow discrimination between one and the other, “by ensuring that all are jointly and severally liable for the said infringement of authority.

“Everyone threw away what they could (fruit or papers, perhaps because they did not find any other available effect or other more dangerous objects), but in any case with their action they assumed and supported the action “, justifies the text to confirm Serra’s sentence.

Serra, who attended the Madrid Assembly as the head of the United We list in 2019 and as number two in the elections last May, has resigned as an MP, pending his disqualification to be confirmed.

The new management of Podemos, led by Ione Belarra, chose her as co-spokesperson for the training, a responsibility she already had during Pablo Iglesias’ last term as Secretary General.

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