Surface Duo already has an official date and price for Europe

Microsoft launched the Surface Duo late last year, its dual-screen mobile that uses Android and seeks to increase user productivity. For this, the use of two screens and the possibility of interacting between them will be a key point, which finally affects more countries.

In their announcement, from Redmond, they announced that, being a new product, the expansion would be controlled, given how it works from the United States. This isn’t something new, and is that the Surface Book and Surface Studio started out exactly the same. Now, six months later, Surface Duo is dated and priced in Europe and Canada.

Mobile specifications

As for the specs, we’ll have two 5.6-inch screens which, when extended, will upgrade to one of the 8.1. These have a resolution of 1800 × 1350 each.

The processor will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 6 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of storage. As an operating system, Android 10 will be the one we find, pending the arrival of Android 11.

Although this processor is two years old, all the tasks that we can perform will be done without any problem, and in the end it is still top of the range. Regarding the battery we have 3500mah which Microsoft says with standard use it will last a whole day. In addition to actual data, it takes about 5 hours of screen time with both in use.

In the box we will find a difference with the United States, that is, here in Europe it will be sold with wired headphones and a USB-C input.

Surface Duo from 1549 €

It is via Twitter and the blog of each country that Microsoft announced the date, February 18. It will arrive the same day in France, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada, although anyone residing in a country of the European Union will be able to buy it without any problem.

The price is perhaps one of the most striking and unknown points to date. If we want the model with 128 GB of storage, we will have to shell out € 1,549, or 100 more for the 256 GB, rising to € 1,649.

It is not a cheap price so if we are interested we need to know for sure that this is the device we want / need. In France, it will be available on the Microsoft Store, Fnac and Darty. Of course, through the Microsoft Store it can be shipped to the rest of Europe without any problem.

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