Surface Duo could be offered in black very soon

Surface Duo remains a device that leaves no one indifferent. After a bittersweet launch due to the use of an “obsolete” processor, Redmond continues to trust their product. Now it’s the turn of its international launch, but it’s said it could arrive in black as well.

Surface Duo gears up for international launch and more

After a few inexplicable months of exclusivity in the United States and the United Kingdom, it is now preparing for a wider deployment in the rest of the world. Keeping the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and design, rumor has it that it might come in black.

Those of Redmond seem to be clear that even though it is a smartphone almost two generations behind the current one, its performance will be good. The reality is that Qualcomm isn’t putting too much effort into its new processors.


Surface Duo in black is expected to be released soon
An international release also follows the new version

Specifications are identical to the current Glacier model, SD855.
Follow this thread for possible future updates.

– cosyplanes 888 (@cozyplanes) November 30, 2020

However, we already know that Microsoft seems to be clear about launching a Surface Duo 2. After purchasing the team that developed the first model. We will see how the new version of this device will be. But in the meantime, Surface Duo continues to grab the headlines and make itself known to more and more people. An interesting return to the world of smartphones.

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