Surface Duo emulator now accepts different positions

We hadn’t talked about it for a long time and today Microsoft today released an update to their Microsoft Surface Duo emulator image. Now with an easier way to simulate and visualize different positions accepted by the device.

New features and fixes in the new version of Surface Duo emulator

As always, the emulator will give us endless options. But let’s see the most important features of Surface Duo emulator.

Updating the hinge angle also affects the position of the emulator. 3D view of the device’s position in the Extended Controls window. Rotation is now working – fix this troubleshooting item (don’t forget to enable auto-rotate in the “Android Quick Settings” menu). Updates related to Surface Duo from the last emulator version. Added option to start erasing data.

Angle and hinge position knobs

Position buttons are now available in the emulator toolbar – a long press on the current pose will change to a different pose.

In the Extended Controls window, we can also choose a position (closed, inverted, half-open, open, tent). Or select a specific hinge angle (0-360 degrees)

Surface Duo Position

This image shows the hinge angle in the simulator while adjusting the position. This allows us to work better with the emulator and have a better experience.

When the hinge angle exceeds 235 degrees, the emulator switches to a single screen (as it would on a real device) and you can double-tap to change the active screen.

Known issues in Surface Duo emulator

The current posture mapping is slightly imprecise. This is why we can notice that when using the open position, the emulator sets the hinge angle to 240 degrees instead of the expected 180. This is due to the way the default angle for each pose is calculated internally and is definitely something they will be fixing in a future release.

Using the hinge angle slider, you still need to get the Surface Duo emulator operating system to update your internal posture rendering. This is true even for secondary poses that are not currently available as “quick jumps” from the pose button UI. For example, try setting the hinge angle to less than 75 degrees when the screen is off and check Peek mode.

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