Surface Duo is updated to the February version when it arrives in Europe

Microsoft launched the Surface Duo, its first mobile device under the Android operating system and the Surface brand, in September. While it was only for the United States, it promised three years of security and system updates. This would add to the promise of new releases on a monthly basis, which although they had a little setback, they try to fulfill it in the best possible way.

A few weeks ago, we learned about the January update for the mobile device, which would fix various bugs and include all the security improvements from the past two months. Unfortunately, it introduced a small crash when restarting with an extended app or in single screen mode. Now, and coinciding with the release in Europe and Canada, the February version is released on the free Surface Duo.

Stability and performance improvements for Surface Duo

From Microsoft, they are linked to the update history, although at the moment there is nothing new. What we can know is that it improves the performance and stability of the Surface Duo. Of course, it includes the February 5 security patch, the same one can be found in Pixels. Unfortunately, we will continue with Android 10, and Android 11 is not expected until the summer.

As it reveals everything that has been included in this patch, we’ll be updating the news, although we shouldn’t expect anything other than improvements to the touch level, one of the biggest issues, and the correction of some errors. What they don’t seem to have fixed is the problem that appeared with the January one.

Certainly, launching the device today in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada has led to the launch of this update so close to the previous one. In the end, remember that the AT&T Duos updated the January version on February 9.

That’s all this update includes and that if we are one of those who either importing or owning the device we have the Surface Duo we can update from Settings > System> System update. Gradually from Redmond they return to a more usual update rate, in which at the beginning of each month we would see the corresponding new version.

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