Surface Duo will include an additional accessory upon arrival in Europe

Last August, Microsoft opened reservations for its latest Android smartphone, the Surface Duo. This came with hardware which, while not up to date, was more than sufficient for the needs of the product, which did not spare it from complaints from some users. In addition, he only visited the United States.

There was a reason for this limited launch, and that is to remember that this is a totally new product, and from Redmond, they don’t want to go big. Even so, it seems their initial expectations more than met them, and that is just a month ago they announced it would arrive in France, Germany, UK and Canada.

Surface Duo will include headphones for France

Thanks to AggiornamentiLumia, we know what the box will include. Currently the cell phone, charger and protective bumper are included. It seems that in Europe it won’t be like that, and on top of all that, it will arrive with a wired headset gift.

This is due to laws in France, which require companies to include headsets in devices to protect users. Despite everything, and contrary to what Apple did, it seems that it will extend this measure to all European countries, and not just to France.

Surface Duo does not yet have a release date outside of US borders, although Zac Bowden has said he will do so in February, particularly the third week of February. Microsoft has already created the store pages, so it may take a few days for us to see them available for booking.

What we still do not know is the price of this mobile device, because we still do not know if they will reduce it a bit to start with a cheaper base, or if on the contrary it will stay and we will see the version 256 GB for 1650 €.

In any case, in a few days we will be able to resolve the doubts, and if we are interested in buying it, we can do it from the German or French store without paying any kind of customs.

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