Surface Pro 7+ has a kit to replace the SSD

The Surface Pro 7+ half review struck us as a bit bland. But Microsoft has decided to offer a differentiator in its design with the removable SSD. No, this is not the first Surface where you can change the SSD for security reasons. But, Microsoft now offers 45.

Microsoft offers replacement SSD for Surface Pro 7+ but won’t reboot to expand storage

The reality is, Surface devices are built for business. These are devices that have advanced security as well as other functions with the goal set in businesses. However, many people use them as devices for personal use and they work very well.

The goal of these replacement kits on Surface Pro 7+ is to repair hardware that may have a damaged SSD without sending the device to Microsoft. It should be noted that although 128, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB kits are available, Microsoft does not recommend their use to increase the memory of the device.

While technically possible, Microsoft strongly advises users against installing an SSD that has not been tested for device setup. Microsoft takes steps to ensure product quality and tests the hardware configurations offered for sale. Installing a non-Microsoft Microsoft SSD or an SSD of a different volume than the one originally supplied may result in decreased performance and unsupported configurations.

At the moment, these kits are only available for the Surface Pro 7+, but it looks like the Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop Go might have them soon. This is great news for extending the life of our Surface device and that we don’t have to go to tech to replace the SSD. In a device of this size, this is something unusual and something to applaud.

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