Surface Pro X (2020): unboxing and first impressions

The Surface Pro X (2020) has already arrived and we have been able to test it, for now, for two days. While we still had to push harder to draw conclusions, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to show you the unboxing and give you our first impressions.

Surface Pro X (2020) unboxing and first impressions

XDA Developers

We have taken a liking to this unboxing and while we can still improve a lot, we are at a good starting point, don’t you think? The first thing we notice when opening the new Surface Pro X is that Microsoft has already become an expert in this area. Those of Redmond have mastered every detail to offer us the best experience, the Surface Pro X is a real wonder by its presentation.

The parameter that most catches our attention is the thickness. We have to look twice to confirm that we are facing Windows 10 computer on ARM and not some other type of device. The work done by the Panos Panay team is incredible and can be seen in great detail.

The finishes, the availability of two USB-C ports and the new pen give us a glimpse that we are looking for a high-end and different device. In addition, the presence of 4G technology allows us to use it anywhere, being a real all-rounder for mobility.

In the first tests we did, we didn’t notice much difference in our workflow compared to our usual Windows 10 computers. The idea we have for this review is to show two worker profiles:

On the one hand, my use will be pure and simple of office automation with some specific uses of Photoshop and video editing (like the one attached). On the other hand, Pablo Oraá will offer a technical profile, focused on a use very different from mine and much more demanding. We’ll see if the Surface Pro X can handle its pace.

At the moment I expect the temperature of the device to be zero, even when compiling this video. The lack of video editing programs compiled for ARM forced me to use the photo app and Audacity to edit audio, but the result, as you can see, is pretty good. We’ll be back soon with more details on the Surface Pro X (2020). Stay tuned!

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