Surface Pro X receives December firmware update

Microsoft is rolling out a handful of firmware and driver updates for ARM-based Surface Pro X devices, improving some aspects of the experience. There are two different sets of updates, one for the original Surface Pro X model with Microsoft SQ1 chipset and one for the version with SQ2 chipset.

For those who don’t know, these chipsets are custom variants of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx, the SQ1 based on the original 8cx, and the SQ2 based on the 8cx Gen 2, which is slightly faster than the original. However, although the chipsets are similar, the two devices receive different sets of updates.

Microsoft ARM devices release new firmware

In Windows Update, updates will appear as a single item, with the name “Microsoft Corporation – System Hardware Update”, but it actually contains updates. If you have the latest Surface Pro X with the SQ2 chipset, you will get the following updates.

What’s new in Surface Pro X with SQ2

Device version and update Qualcomm (R) Wi-Fi B / G / N / AC (2 × 2) Svc – Network adapters 1.0.1220.0 Improves stability after standby Surface 0953 Fw Update – Firmware 2.12 .139.0 Improve writing with Surface Pen.Surface Pen Cfu Over BleLc Extn Package – Extension2.9.139.0Improve writing with Surface Pen.Qualcomm (R) USBC UCSI Participant – System devices2.10.139.0Surface Panel – Monitor4.28.139. 0Improve the performance of the color profile. Surface UEFI – Firmware7.205.140.0 Improves system stability and fixes system bugs Surface Dock 2 Firmware Update Driver – Extension5.5.0.0 Improves performance of Surface Dock 2 during LAN wake-up scenarios.

These updates are available for users running Windows 10 version 2004, the May 2020 update, or a later version. This is the update that comes with the Surface Pro X with the SQ2 chipset.

What’s new in Surface Pro X with SQ1

The original Surface Pro X with the SQ1 processor has a longer list of updates, with even more areas of the experience being improved. Here is the full list:

DeviceVersion and UpdateQualcomm (R) Adreno (TM) 680 GPU – Graphics cards 690 DSP1.0.1260.0 Improve eye contact function and improve stability Qualcomm (R) System Manager Device 1.0.1120.0 Solve security issues and improve stability Qualcomm (R) Wi-Fi B / G / N / AC (2 × 2) Svc – Network adapters 1.0.1260.0 Improves the stability of Wi-Fi networks Surface Panel – Monitor Improves color management of the device.Surface Pro X Power Engine Plug-in Device1.0.1260.0Optimizes performance and stability.Surface System Aggregator – Firmware14.309.139.0Improves smart download functionality.UEFI surface – Firmware3.530.140.0Improves system stability.

As usual, sometimes Surface firmware updates are rolled out gradually, so they may not appear immediately to everyone. If you still don’t see the updates, you might have to wait a bit longer. While it’s not yet available to everyone, Microsoft recently introduced x64 emulation for ARM devices like Surface Pro X for Windows Insiders, so if you’ve slowed down the purchase because you couldn’t run all of them. apps, that will change soon.

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