surgical strike in Iran: Iran saves two soldiers kidnapped in Pakistan two years ago: Anadolu agency – Iran frees two soldiers kidnapped in Pakistan, according to Anadolu agency

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards rescued two of its soldiers with an intelligence operation in Pakistan. A report from the Anadolu agency claimed that these two Iranian soldiers were kidnapped in 2018. At the same time, it was claimed in Pakistani media that it was in fact an exchange. In which Iran, after discussions, released 4 members of an organization called Jaish-ul-Adal. At the same time, this organization left two Iranian army soldiers kidnapped in 2018. However, the two events have not been officially confirmed.

Claim made in Iranian military statement
An official Iranian military document indicates that a successful operation was carried out on Tuesday evening. He rescued two Iranian border guards guarded by an organization called Jaish-ul-Adal almost two and a half years ago. This statement indicates that the troops have been returned to Iran.

When were Iranian soldiers kidnapped
The Anadolu Agency said that on October 16, 2018, a terrorist organization named Jaish-ul-Adal kidnapped 12 Iranian military border guards. The incident took place in the town of Merkwa, in the province of Balochistan in Pakistan. The area is located near the border between Pakistan and Iran. After which, the army of the two countries formed a joint committee to rescue the soldiers.

Jaish ul Adal declared terrorist organization in Iran
Jaish-ul-Adal left 5 of these soldiers in November 2018. On March 21, 2019, the Pakistani army in its action had rescued 4 other members of the Iranian army. It has been claimed that Iran has declared Jaish-ul-Adal as a terrorist organization. This organization continues to conduct armed operations against Iran. It includes the Baloch Sunni Muslims.

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