Swati Mohan Indian at NASA: Swati Mohan talks to Joe Biden on the space mission: Swati Mohan talks to Joe Biden on Star Trek

Bharatvanshi’s aerospace engineer Swati Mohan told U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday that the path to NASA was clear when he saw the first episode of “ Star Trek ” as a child. Swati Mohan was instrumental in the US space agency NASA’s “Perseverance” rover mission, successfully landing on the surface of Mars.

Swati led the directions, directions and control operations of NASA’s Mars 2020 campaign. The Rover Perseverance landed on the surface of Mars on February 18. Her family immigrated to America from India when she was one year old. Swati said her curiosity about space began in her childhood when she watched the popular ‘Star Trek’ TV show.

“The incredible visuals from space caught my attention the most and started working with the goal of exploring space,” Swati told Digital via Biden. Swati said: “ As the days got closer we felt really, really nervous. In the last seven minutes of the campaign, the beats were upped. After getting the first photos of the rover landing on the surface of Mars, it was as if a dream had come true.

President Biden praised the NASA team last month for successfully launching a six-wheel rover to Mars and boosting America’s confidence. Biden praised Mohan and other NASA scientists involved in the expedition. Biden said: “ You have made the dreams of millions of children, young Americans come true. With the work of your team, you have increased the confidence of the American people.

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