sweden purple night sky: night sky suddenly turns purple in this sweden city, people get angry if they know the reason – sweden night sky turns purple leading to purple anger

Residents of a Swedish town were surprised when the night sky changed from black to purple. The night sky turns purple in Treliborg off the southern coast of Sweden. Some days people were upset to see this, but then they figured out what the reason behind it was. In fact, an energy efficient lighting system was installed at a nearby tomato farm. Its effect can be seen here.

How the color has changed
Tomato farm operators in Gislov, 10 minutes from Treliborg, installed an energy-saving LED lighting system in purple color. It is believed that the light falling on trees is good for them. This light is so bright that locals have started to complain about it. On November 6, operators began turning off the lights between 5 and 11 a.m.

‘Save energy’
However, Treliborg’s environmental manager, Michael Noren, says a second action plan is being prepared to make sure people don’t suffer. The statement is published by Alfred Pedersen & Son, owner of Tomato Farm. He declares that the cultivation of tomatoes will be stopped in the evening. It will hurt them, but the statement said it was done to save electricity. Don’t make people angry.

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