Swedish population: migrant Muslims will make local residents a minority in Sweden: migrant Muslims will make local residents a minority in Sweden

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Sweden will become a minority in the next 45 years. Local natives in Sweden 52% of total immigrant population, Muslims only by 2100, Sweden will have highest Muslim population in Helsinki
Many countries in Europe face difficulties due to the granting of citizenship to large numbers of Muslim refugees. In Sweden, in the coming years, the natives will become a minority and the Muslim refugees will be the majority. Currently, a third of the population living in Sweden belongs to abroad. Over time, the foreign population in this country is also growing rapidly. The main reasons for this are the growing number of immigrants and the declining fertility rate of indigenous people.

Swedes will become a minority in the next 45 years
In his research, Finnish researcher Kyosti Tärvinen claimed that Swedes would become a minority in their own country within the next 45 years if the settlement rate of people of foreign origin in Sweden remained the same. Kyosti Tarvinen works as Associate Professor in the Systems Analysis Department at Alto University in Helsinki.

Muslim population will be highest by 2100
Using the standard demographic method, the cohort component method and the cohort component method, Kyotti Tärväinen claimed that those born in Sweden would become a minority by 2065. He also said that if the pace of foreign settlers are increasing in Sweden, so this day can be seen before the scheduled time. He also claimed that by 2100 Muslims will have the largest population in Sweden.

Muslims constitute 52 percent of the total refugees
Tarvinen wrote in the Foxblade newspaper that the Swedish Parliament unanimously decided in 1975 that Sweden was a multicultural country. At that time, more than 40 percent of immigrants resided in my country (Finland). But now the situation has completely changed. In 2019, 88% of immigrants were from non-Western countries. 52% of them were Muslims. So there has been a major cultural change in the immigrant population. Because the population of the first migrants to Sweden was from the Finnish people, it was captured by the Muslims.

Muslims don’t mix with the locals
This Finnish researcher has written extensively that the number of refugees from his country merged into Swedish society. But the refugees who are arriving now cannot easily become part of Swedish society. Instead, they create their own zones, which are usually peripheral areas or inaccessible areas.

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