SwiftKey updates on Surface Duo and enables thumb typing

Microsoft’s SwiftKey app on Surface Duo can now be used when casting to both screens. This allows us to type with our thumbs while keeping the Surface Duo open. A much more natural and ergonomic way of writing.

SwiftKey adapts to Surface Duo

Unfortunately, at the moment, the feature only seems to work when an app is extended as well. Hopefully in the future it will also work when using two different apps at the same time. Either way, being able to type with your thumbs when extended makes it easier to type when the Duo is open.

The feature is now available in both the beta and stable version of SwiftKey. The development of an application can be accessed by pressing a text field, then launching the thumb mode in the keyboard. Microsoft acquired SwiftKey in 2016, gradually using its technology to optimize the touch keyboard experiences in Windows 10.

SwiftKey is the default keyboard experience on the Surface Duo and is specially designed to accommodate the unique dual-screen form factor of the Surface Duo. This app is also available on other Android phones, as well as iOS.

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