Swiss army to start issuing women’s underwear for women Male underwear ban: increased relief for Swiss female soldiers not to wear men’s underwear

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History of Switzerland. For the first time, the female soldiers had great relief. Women soldiers in the Swiss army have the right not to wear men’s underwear. Under the current system, female soldiers are provided with men’s underwear.
For the first time in Swiss history, female soldiers received great relief. Women soldiers in the Swiss army are now freed from wearing male underwear. The Swiss government made this decision at a time when it insists on increasing the recruitment of female soldiers. Under the current system, only women’s underwear is available for female soldiers.

The BBC quoted this information in local Swiss media. Marian Binder, member of the Swiss National Council, said: “Army clothing is designed for men, but if the army is really more feminine, then appropriate measures must be taken.” He said that women’s clothing can encourage them to join the military.

Women and men soldiers do the same in Switzerland
Until now, the Swiss army provided loose underwear for female soldiers. This can be quite embarrassing for Swiss female soldiers. The military spokesman said upcoming changes include “short underwear” during the summer season and “long underwear” during the winter season. He said that current clothing has become obsolete for female soldiers.

At present, one percent of female soldiers are in the Swiss army. For the next 20 years, Switzerland wants to increase the number of female soldiers at the rate of 10%. The country’s Defense Minister, Viola Amhard, welcomed plans to make separate underwear for female soldiers. Since 2004, female and male soldiers have exercised the same duty in Switzerland. A female soldier said she would be able to climb with a heavier weight by purchasing new underwear.

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