Swiss company to launch fastest Hyperloop system that can travel at speeds of nearly 1,200 km per hour

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The fastest hyperloop will work in Switzerland, the speed can reach 1,200 km / h, she says it will hit the market in four to five years.
A Swiss startup has revealed plans for a Hyperloop system that will allow passengers to descend the Alps at speeds of up to 745 mph. Manti-based company SwissPod promises a hyperloop system capable of moving passengers and cargo from Geneva to Zurich in just 17 minutes, or from New York to Washington DC in just 30 minutes.

Testing will be done within nine months
Its speed will reach 1200 km / h, that is, the trip from Mumbai to Delhi can be done in about an hour. This is one ninth of the travel time for trains in Switzerland and one seventh of the travel time for American trains. According to Dennis Tudor, CEO and co-founder of the company, SwissPod could market its Hyperloop within four to five years. The company will test its technology at the mini-test site within nine months.

Speed ​​declaration at 1200 km / h
Tudor previously said his company’s system is capable of traveling at speeds of 620 to 745 mph (1,000 to 1,200 km / h). The company has not yet disclosed the cost of its project. The Hyperloop is a travel mode proposal on which several companies are working. Thanks to this technology, passengers can be transported from one place to another at high speed. Its concept was first proposed in 1910 by the American engineer Robert Goddard.

The Swiss company was founded in 2019
In 2013, billionaire businessman and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, took an interest in it again. The Spicepod project itself is different, however. SwissPod was founded in 2019 by Tudor and Cyril Denerez, who won several Hyperloop competitions organized by Musk firm SpaceX. Several Hyperloop projects are already being carried out by Virgin Hyperloop, Sir Richard Branson’s company.

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