Swiss prosecution plans up to 10 years in prison for Corinna for money laundering and corruption

Posted: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 9:37 a.m.

Up to ten years in prison for money laundering and corruption for Corinna Larsen. This is what the Swiss prosecution plans for the intimate interrogation of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, according to the rogatory commission sent by the Swiss prosecution to the national court, to which “Vozpópuli” had access.

This is the same accusation that the leaders who designed the corporate framework that served the former king would face to seize the 64.8 million euros he received in 2008 from Saudi Arabia (the equivalent then a hundred million dollars). Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa is investigating Corinna Larsen, Dante Canonica and Arturo Fasana as well as the local bank Mirabaud for money laundering and “bribery of foreign public officials”.

According to digital, according to Swiss law, “anyone who has committed an act likely to hinder the identification of the origin, discovery or confiscation of property that he knew or should have suspected to have come from a qualified offense or misdemeanor tax (when the taxes levied in one year exceed 300,000 francs) ”. “He will be punished with a prison sentence of up to three years or a financial penalty,” he said.

But this sentence can reach up to five years in prison in certain cases, such as the fact that the respondent realizes “a significant volume of business or a gain by participating in the activity of money laundering”. According to Bertossa’s investigation, it was not until 2012 that King Juan Carlos I ordered the transfer of Saudi money from Switzerland to an account in the name of a Corinna Larsen company in the Bahamas.

Other hypotheses involve “acting as a member of a criminal organization” or a “gang formed to systematically participate in money laundering”. Bertossa has data on a dozen suspicious transactions between at least August 2008, when the Lucum Foundation was set up to seize Saudi money, and 2017, when Corinna Larsen transferred $ 42 million from her account in the Bahamas. to another personal account in the United States.

Regarding the bribery of foreign public officials, the commission specifies that it “will be punished by custodial sentences of a maximum duration of five years or financial penalties”. It punishes any person who “offered an undue advantage to a person acting on behalf of a foreign state” either in his name or for a third party “for the accomplishment or omission of an act related to his official activity. and who is contrary. to your duties or depend on your discretion ”.

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