Switch between personal and work account would come first for Teams

The other day we informed you that it will finally be possible to switch between Microsoft Teams work accounts. Believe it or not, this is very useful and a lot of people were asking for it. Given the expectations, Microsoft has reported on the matter.

Very soon you will be able to switch between your personal and work account in Teams

In response to one of the many messages asking for the ability to sign in to multiple work accounts in Teams, this message received almost 29,000 upvotes and Microsoft engineers responded:

“The engineering team continues to work on adding support for multiple accounts on desktop clients. We will first launch support for 1 work / school account and 1 personal account so that users can enjoy their work and personal computers at the same time. Windows and MacOS. Support for multiple business accounts is still under development and will come at a later date.

Microsoft encourages people to try and use Teams not only for work, but also for household or family projects. Microsoft began adding the Consumer Teams feature to its Teams customers for iOS and Android earlier this year. Microsoft’s corporate vice president Jeff Teper said consumer features will also be coming to the desktop first. This is the first change they will bring to our regret. We’ll see if this way people are using Teams nationally.

Switching between work accounts has been a top user request for UserVoice for years. We would like to know why it is not yet available in Teams, despite being available in Slack, as several people have indicated in different media. We’ll see if they finally implement this feature next year, or if we need to keep asking for it.

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