Switzerland discovers an account in Andorra linked to King Juan Carlos

Update: Tuesday, June 15, 2021 2:10 PM

Published: 06/15.2021 2:09 PM

The Swiss investigation found an account in Andorra linked to King Juan Carlos who had been operating for more than a decade in the Andbank entity. This was reported by ‘El Confidencial’, who also reported that the emeritus presumably controlled him from a company run by straw men, which was dissolved on May 4.

According to sources in the Spanish investigation which continues against the king in the Sixth, there is no trace in the proceedings followed by the Supreme Court that the emeritus had an account in Andorra, but it is a fact of the Swiss survey.

Until now, the investigation of the Geneva prosecutor Yves Bertossa focused on movements on Swiss territory, but a transfer from the Zagatka Foundation led the investigators to Andorra.

On May 19, 2008, 150,012.28 euros left Zagatka’s deposit on an account in Andorra, and not with the Panamanian company as initially believed. According to the aforementioned newspaper, Arturo Fasana sent Credit Suisse the order to transfer the money to Stream SA, specifying that it is deposited in the Andbank account AD79 0001 0000 4029 2980 0100.

With this discovery, the Swiss researchers consider that Stream SA was a screen to hide the relation of the deposit with the Principality and to accumulate large sums of money outside our borders.

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