Switzerland investigates $ 100 million King Abdulah donated to Juan Carlos I in 2008

Publication: Sunday March 14, 2021 2:46 PM

The Swiss prosecutor is investigating whether the payment that the late King Abdullah made to Juan Carlos I could constitute a crime. According to Bloomberg, prosecutor Bertossa is investigating whether the Saudi king broke a law with this donation.

He refers to the $ 100 million that the Saudi King transferred to an account in Switzerland in the name of the King Emeritus as a “gift according to Saudi tradition”. The money left the Arab country through its Ministry of Finance into an account linked to the Lucum Foundation, of which King Juan Carlos was a beneficiary.

An offshore structure which she got rid of in 2012, but not before transferring the 65 million euros to Corinna Larssen’s account in the Bahamas, something which, according to the emeritus’ lawyers, came from the close friendship which he shared with the businesswoman, although she herself said it was a commission for the ETA in Mecca.

Movements in the fortune of emeritus which are also the subject of an investigation by the prosecutor’s office of the Supreme Court and for which a year ago, Felipe VI announced that he was renouncing his father’s personal inheritance. A statement also reported that Juan Carlos had stopped receiving the allowance of nearly 200,000 euros.

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