Symptoms of Corona Virus Variants: Covid-19 Variant List Explained: View Full List of Corona Virus Variants

The delta variant of the corona virus has created an uproar around the world, including in India. Britain, which was the first to launch corona vaccination worldwide, has not been spared from this virus. There are many countries around the world, including America, France, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, and South Africa, where different variants of the crown quickly infect people. It’s not that only the Delta and Lemda variants are responsible for the spread of the corona infection around the world. Know all the major Corona variants that are wreaking havoc in different parts of the world.

delta variant
The delta variant of the corona virus was first discovered in India. It is also known by the scientific name of B.1.617.2. It is considered to be the most infectious variant of the crown in the world. But, no claim has been made so far on its ability to take human lives. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on July 3, 51.7% of cases of the delta variant were reported in the United States. According to Public Health England, as of mid-June, the delta variant accounted for 99% of total corona infections in the UK. The World Health Organization reports that the delta variant has been detected in 100 countries.

alpha variant
At the end of last year, the alpha variant of Corona created panic around the world. It has been named B.1.1.7 in scientific language. It was first discovered in England. From there, this variant spread all over the world. In America, too, this variant caused a lot of havoc. The CDC estimates that as of Sunday, this variant is only responsible for 28.7% of cases in the United States. At that time, the alpha variant was over 50 percent more contagious than its older variant. Scientists have found 23 mutations in this variant.

beta variant
This variant was first seen in South Africa. The scientific name for the beta variant is B.1.351. Its two mutations, E484K and N501Y, were considered the most dangerous. This variant was also 50 percent more contagious than the old one. Experts believe it can infect people who have recovered from the coronavirus. Apart from that, people who have been vaccinated against Kovid-19.

gamma variant
The gamma variant of the corona virus was first discovered in Brazil. The scientific name for the Gamma variant is P.1. According to the CDC, this variant is responsible for 8.9% of new infections in the United States. Two strains of the gamma variant, E484K and N501Y, are considered very dangerous. It was found in the survey that after receiving the vaccine, this variant has little effect.

epsilon variant
The scientific name for the epsilon variant of the corona virus is B.1.427. The World Health Organization also considers the B.1.429 variant to be part of the epsilon variant. This variant was first seen in California, United States. WHO says epsilon (b.1.427 / b.1.429) is not a more dangerous variant.

Variant Yota
This variant of the corona virus was first seen in New York City. This variant is known as B.1.526 or Iota. The CDC estimates that this variant is currently only responsible for 3% of coronavirus cases in the United States. As of April, this variant was responsible for 9 percent of cases. Its strain 484 helps the virus attach more easily to infected cells.

it’s a variant
This variant was first seen in the UK and Nigeria. Ita variant is also known as B.1.525. Its strain name is E484K. The number of people infected with this variant in America is much lower. Now, this strain of corona is not found in almost any infected person.

zeta variant
The Zeta variant was also first found in Brazil. It is also known as P.2. This variant caused a lot of havoc in Brazil. Its strain E484K is considered quite lethal. However, this strain is no longer available in the world.

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