Syria: 18 dead in a landmine explosion in Syria, three people seriously injured – Mine explosion in Syria 18 killed three people seriously injured

Two landmine blast incidents in Syria’s central Hama province killed at least 18 people and injured three others. The Sana news agency gave this information. Based on the report, Xinhua said, two vehicles in the Salamiyah area were hit by landmines. Terrorists living in the region committed this heinous incident.

According to the report, the condition of the injured remains critical. Earlier on February 27, five people were killed and 13 others were injured in the blast. Just recently, after the Israelis in Syria, Russian fighter jets have wreaked havoc. In the past 24 hours, at least 21 ISIS terrorists have been killed in Russian airstrikes, while hundreds are believed to have been injured. The Syrian government-backed Russian Air Force has carried out airstrikes in at least 130 locations across the country. A few days ago, Israel also destroyed several targets of Iranian-backed militias by firing several missiles at Syria.

Russia carried out 130 airstrikes
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 21 terrorists were killed in 130 airstrikes carried out by the Russian Air Force in 24 hours. The attacks were carried out against ISIS targets in Aleppo, Hama and Raqqa. ISIS carried out several attacks on the government army and militia on Saturday. After that, the Russian Air Force took this answer. During these attacks by ISIS, 8 militias supported by the Syrian government were killed.

Fighting continues in all parts of Syria
At present, heavy fighting between the government-backed army and ISIS fighters continues in the Badiya region of Syria. In which the Russian army also provides assistance on behalf of the Syrian government army. Since 2014, Syria and Iraq have faced terror from ISIS. With this, all of Syria has become a battleground. At present, there is no other region directly under government control except Damascus, the capital of Syria. Everywhere, either local armed groups are in possession or the last ISIS terrorists.

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