Syria hospital attacks hospital with many dead, according to Syrian human rights observatory

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Missile attacks on a hospital in the city of Beirut, in northern Syria, left 18 people dead, a town that was occupied by Turkish-backed fighters, and it is not known which faction was behind it. missile attack for several years.
At least 18 people, including two medical staff, were killed in missile attacks on a hospital in the civil war-ravaged city in northern Syria. The city is occupied by fighters supported by Turkey. Human rights activists and aid groups gave this information. It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack, but the attacks were carried out from locations where government troops and Kurdish fighters are stationed.

The governor’s office blamed a “Syrian Kurdish” group for the attack. The British human rights organization ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ estimated the number of people killed in the attack at 18. 23 other people were injured in this attack. The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), which assists health centers in opposition-held areas, said two missiles were fired at al-Shifa hospital in Afrin city, destroying completely the department of the polyclinic, emergency medicine and the delivery room.

The group has called for an investigation into the incident of the attack on the hospital. The Turkish province of Hatay accused the Kurdish group of the attack. Meanwhile, Mazloum Abadi, the leader of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, has denied the involvement of his forces in the attack. He said in a tweet that the US-backed SDF condemns attacks on innocent people. He called this a violation of international law.

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