Syrian government attack on hospital: attack in Syria News: Syrian government attacked hosiptal in the city of Atareb, 6 killed

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At least six patients, including a child, were killed and 17 injured, including a health worker, were attacked in a hospital in the Atareb area occupied by Syrian government rebels. The hospital entrance and campus were bombed in Aareb, rendering the Beirut hospital underground. .
The Syrian government bombed a hospital in the rebel-held town of Atareb, killing at least six patients, including a child. Many health workers were injured in the attack. The hospital had to be closed after the attack. A group of rescuers and activists gave this information.

The United Kingdom-based Syrian human rights watchdog reported that the entrances and premises of hospitals were bombed in Atareb, west Aleppo. Syrian Civil Defense volunteers reported that at least six people killed included a child and a woman.

17 injured including 5 health workers.
The Syrian American Medical Society reported that 17 people, including five medical staff, were injured in the attack. This hospital remains underground. It is a tactic used by the rebels to prevent it from becoming a target in the conflict zone.

Loss of orthopedic clinics
The Syrian American Medical Society reported that three bombings occurred on Sunday morning, causing extensive damage to the hospital. The roof of the orthopedic clinic and the hospital collapsed. The hospital was evacuated.

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