Syrian refugee in Europe: Denmark becomes the first country in Europe to send Syrian refugees back to their country: Denmark refuses to grant citizenship to Syrian refugees returning to their country

Denmark has refused to grant citizenship and residence permits to Syrian refugees. In recent weeks, 94 Syrians have been informed that their residence permits are being revoked. Therefore, they should locate their places of stay in other countries. Due to the increase in terrorist incidents and religious fanaticism in Europe, many countries are now rethinking their decision to grant citizenship to refugees.

Denmark considers many parts of Syria to be safe
Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said civil war is still ongoing in many places in Syria, but the situation is different in many parts of the country. Despite opposition from the United Nations and Amnesty International, Danish authorities believe that Syrian refugees can now return to many cities, including Damascus.

Denmark voluntarily gives money to those who return
Kofod explained that Syrian refugees would also receive financial assistance if they voluntarily returned to their country. It will also prevent them from being forcibly evicted. Denmark provides assistance ranging from Rs 1,200,000 to Rs 2,400,000 to returning refugees. The Danish Foreign Minister also said that if these people returned to their country, it would help rebuild Syria.

Human rights organizations protested
The United Nations Human Rights Council has opposed plans to revoke temporary residence permits for Syrian refugees. They believe that Syria is not yet a safe place for these people. Denmark’s UNSRC spokesperson Elizabeth Hussund said the government believes the situation in Syria is stable, but we don’t see that anywhere. Hasund expressed concern about the apparent change in Danish refugee policy.

Denmark waged ‘war’ on Sharia law, summoned ambassador for Iranian embassy intervention
First country in Europe to return refugees
Previously, Germany had spoken of sending the criminals back, but Denmark is the first European country to announce the sending of refugees. Experts claim that the ruling center-left Social Democratic Party in Denmark is taking an anti-immigration stance so that the right-wing parties can face it. In fact, Denmark has also launched a campaign to combat the growing Islamic fundamentalism in the country.

Collision with right-wing parties?
A bill was also tabled in parliament there, recommending a moratorium on funding for mosques abroad. The bill states that mosques will be prevented from accepting money from individuals, organizations and associations that oppose or undermine democratic values, fundamental freedoms and human rights. In such a situation, it is believed that the government is taking such measures to counter right-wing parties.

ISIS terrorist Imam sent to prison in Germany to fight Islamic terrorism
Denmark also in action against Sharia law
Denmark has also stepped up its action against imams promoting Sharia law. At the same time, the Danish Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador when the link of the Iranian Embassy to increase Islamic activities in the country appeared. Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod called Iranian interference in Danish law unacceptable.

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Foreign forces fund Danish mosques
The Danish national daily Berlingke revealed earlier this year that Saudi Arabia, through its embassy in Denmark, had funded the Taiba Mosque in Copenhagen for around $ 790,000. This is the first case where Saudi Arabia financially helps a mosque in Denmark. Since then, there has been a debate in the country about where Danish mosques derive their wealth and what forces control them.

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