Tab sync and history tests begin in Edge

We already know that Microsoft Edge is not stopping, and after the vertical tabs and full screenshots, they are already working on a new feature. Synchronization of tabs and history. Although we should perhaps not call them new functions since they have always been there although disabled.

Syncing tabs and history starts your tests in Microsoft Edge

As is often the case, the testing of this new feature is based on an A / B test and it didn’t affect us this time. That is why we are showing you the result of the configuration area with all the options synchronized. It was something that had been planned for a long time and is finally coming to Microsoft Edge.

Currently, A / B testing is underway on the Canary Channel. If you are in the indicated channel and you have version 88.0.682.0. This option is not yet available on Android or iOS although it looks like it will arrive very soon in macOS. A feature that users have surely been waiting for a long time.

We remind you that once it arrives, and thanks to the A / B testing, the Canary channel will still take some time before we can test this feature. However, this is something of great interest for the future of Microsoft Edge. Synchronization will be considered complete.

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