Tahawwur Rana Bail plea: US court rejects bail plea for 11/26 bombing accused Tahawwur Rana – US court rejects bail plea for bombing from Mumbai accused Tahawwur Rana

A US court has rejected the bail application of Tahawwur Rana, a Canadian businessman of Pakistani origin and main accused of the 2008 Mumbai attack. India has declared Rana a fugitive. The court said the threat of his leaving the country was not over. David Coleman was arrested again on June 10 in Los Angeles following India’s request to extradite Rana, 59, a childhood friend of David Coleman Headley, for his role in the Mumbai terror attack .

166 people were killed in the Mumbai attack, of which six were US citizens. Headley was involved in the preparations for the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008. He became a government witness and is serving a 35-year prison sentence in the United States for his role in the attack. On December 10, Los Angeles District Court Judge Jacqueline Chulijian said Rana had offered a “ good bail package ” and counted the conditions significantly reducing the risk of fleeing the country.

On the other hand, the court considers that it did not remove the doubt on the danger of the flight. The court upheld the US government’s request to keep Rana in jail. Meanwhile, the Indian government has backed India’s request not to make public the documents India submitted for Rana’s extradition. The documents India has submitted for extradition directly mention Rana’s role in the Mumbai terror attack and this information will be shared with her.

U.S. Attorney Nicola T Hanna told the court on Friday that India had urged the United States to take action to limit people’s access to the document. Rana said in his bail application that he is not doing well and has suffered two heart attacks in prison. Rana said he was not a threat to the community, which the US government opposed.

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