Tahawwur Rana opposes extradition to India: Tahawwur Rana accused in Mumbai terrorist attacks opposes extradition to India – Mumbai terrorist attacks accused Tahawwur Rana opposes extradition to india

Canadian businessman Tahawwur Rana, a Canadian of Pakistani descent accused in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, has protested his extradition to India. He argued that he had already been acquitted of the crimes for which his extradition had been appealed. Rana’s lawyers cited the Indo-American extradition treaty.

Rana (59), a childhood friend of David Coleman Headley, was arrested again in Las Angeles on June 10 following an extradition request from India for his involvement in the Mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008. A total of 166 people, including six US citizens, were killed in the Mumbai attacks. Pakistani-American terrorist Headley of Lashkar-e-Taiba was implicated in the Mumbai terrorist attacks plot.

Headley was named an official witness to the case and is currently serving a 35-year sentence in a US prison for his role in the attack. Rana’s lawyers filed a petition in Las Angeles District Court last week before Judge Jacqueline Kelonian opposed the extradition.

Rana’s lawyers argued that Rana could not be extradited to India under Article 6 of the US-Indian Extradition Treaty because he had already been acquitted of the offenses for which his extradition was requested. In addition, he cannot be extradited under Article 9 of the treaty as the government has not given any possible reasons to believe Rana’s involvement in the alleged crimes.

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