Tailored training will be one of the keys in 2021 for companies to adapt after the pandemic

Tailored training will be one of the keys in 2021 for companies to adapt after the pandemic

The end of this year has left a business landscape devastated by COVID-19. However, now at the gates of 2021, it is time to keep looking for solutions and to generate new opportunities. According to experts, the training of people in the organization is one of the levers that can minimize or even reverse the situation if companies choose the training appropriate to their company and their situation and direct it correctly to each of their professionals.

In addition, throughout this year, major deficiencies related to organizational, communication or security capacities were discovered, among other things, totally incompatible with the relocation of jobs, issues that make Digital Transformation and success impossible. enterprises. .

This is why M2i Formacin, the leading international group of experts in training and consulting in Digital, IT and Management, offers companies tailor-made training plans that can help them, whatever their type, to improve their current situation and even to exceed their initial goals. .

The company predicts for 2021 that there will be greater demand for specialized training in cybersecurity and specific digital technologies associated with telecommuting and online communications. However, he believes that this is not enough and that the approach may be wrong.

“At M2i, we believe that it is necessary for companies to rethink their situation for the next year (even in the medium-long term) and to invest in training which will help them in a global perspective and not in courses isolated, since they could only be “patches” “Don’t attack the root of the problem,” says Laura Garca, director of M2i Formacin Espaa.

In this sense, M2i recommends training courses that include training that guarantees the safety of companies (CEH, CCISO, CHEFI, awareness, etc.), but which also promote continuous improvement (ITIL, PMP, CAPM, etc. ), create agile teams (Scrum, Lean, DevOps, SAFe …), help them achieve their technical certifications, develop their digital potential (Digital Analytics, Digital Marketing, Digital Culture …), enhance the individual skills of employees (team management, coaching, business development, professional development, etc.), etc. Everything that is part of a clear digital strategy focused on success.

“It may seem complex to tackle such varied aspects, but it is possible thanks to the maximization of efforts and investments and to the planning resulting from an exhaustive preliminary study. Many companies are still not aware that the right training creates business opportunities, strong and widely communicative teams, able to adapt to new situations, minimize staff turnover, etc. Stakes absolutely necessary to enter the field of business competitiveness, ”Garca explains.

And the point is that the weak adaptive capacity of companies can worsen the extent of the damage associated with a crisis such as that caused by the pandemic. “The reality – Garca concludes – is that if organizations had had adequate training plans, it surely would have been much easier to get used to and recover from the effects of COVID-19. Now, with what we have learned, let’s invest in what we need: quality training, so that we are always well prepared and that it does not happen again ”.

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