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There was no rush for the first vaccination in Taiwan. There were very few cases of infection here. But now Corona’s position here has become explosive.

China and Taiwan tensions

New Delhi. A worldwide vaccination campaign is underway to deal with corona. In many countries this is going on on a war footing. But the campaign has stalled due to a lack of vaccines in Taiwan. Taiwan alleges that China has emerged as its biggest obstacle.

Taiwan has accused China of trying to control the supply of vaccines. Earlier this year, as many countries rushed their populations to be vaccinated against the corona virus, Taiwan had never been in such a hurry before. There were very few cases of infection here. The demand for vaccines was so low that only one per cent of the population was vaccinated.

The Chinese vaccine could be an alternative

But now this epidemic has changed things. More than a thousand new cases have been reported in Taiwan in the past week. This population is having difficulty getting vaccinated. Now the Taiwanese government is waiting for the vaccine to be sent by the United States by the United States. The Chinese vaccine against it may be an alternative. But it is difficult to do so due to recent tensions between China and Taiwan.

Trying to break the supply chain

Taiwan says China is trying to end its supply chain. He recently struck a deal with the German company Bionetic. The deal was later canceled due to Chinese interference. In many countries, Bioentech and Pfizer are working together to develop a vaccine. Biontech is a supplier of Pfizer vaccine to these countries.

Tiwan Corona Vaccine Bioentech

Tiwan Corona Vaccine Bioentech

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