Taiwan celebrates Diwali: Taiwan, UK, USA… Festive Diwali greetings from around the world – Taiwan UK US Festive Diwali greetings from around the world

Taipei / London / Washington
There is a wave of congratulations for Prakashparv Diwali from India from Taiwan to America. Taiwanese President Tsei Ing Wen congratulated Diwali and said that with Indians we are spreading the light of democracy, values ​​and freedom in our country. Britain’s Prime Minister and Prince Charles hailed Diwali and said we will defeat the corona virus in the same way as the victory of light over darkness.

Previously, the Diwali festival was celebrated in Taiwan with Indian officials and a message of friendship with Taiwan was given. The government of Taiwan officially organized the celebration of Diwali. A guesthouse in Taipei was used as a state guesthouse which government guests also attended. On this occasion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, Joseph Wu, and the Director General of the India-Taipei Association (Indian Ambassador) Gauranglal Das were present at the celebration.

British Prime Minister Rajkumar sent his best wishes
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles on Saturday wished Diwali, saying people would be able to weather the Corona virus outbreak the same way light triumphed over darkness. Johnson praised Diwali in a message from his official residence at 10 Downing Street. He said: “ Diwali has special significance this year because just as Lord Rama defeated Ravana and brought his wife Sita home and good won evil, I also believe that we are also on the Kovid-19 epidemic. Will get victory.

Along with this, Prime Minister Johnson also urged people to wash their hands, put on masks and follow social distancing. Meanwhile, Prince Charles posted a video giving Deepawali’s message. He said that this year Diwali was celebrated on its 72nd birthday. Charles said: “This festival of light is an opportunity to get together and distribute candy and give gifts. Unfortunately, due to the public health crisis this year, many people cannot meet. I can understand how disappointing it is. He said, “At this time of hardship, I hope you will draw strength from Diwali’s message. This festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil, hope over despair and light over darkness.

Empire State Building in New York painted in Diwali
On the other hand, the famous Empire State Building in New York City of America has been painted orange with a view of Deepawali. Indian community groups from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut celebrated Diwali with the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building tweeted and said Happy Diwali to New Yorkers. We are celebrating Prakash Parv with people from Indian community and changed the color of the lights to orange.

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