Taiwan Coronavirus Vaccine: Taiwan to Receive Coronavirus Vaccine from United States

The United States will donate 750,000 doses of the vaccine to Taiwan as part of President Joe Biden’s decision to donate millions of doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine to other countries. Three deputies spoke about it on Sunday. Taiwan has complained that China is hampering its efforts to obtain vaccines amid the pandemic. China claims Taiwan as its own territory. Taiwan faces a shortage of the Covid-19 vaccine, and Taiwan has geopolitical significance in US-China relations.

Illinois Democratic Party MP Tammy Duckworth arrived in Taiwan with her two other colleagues Christopher Koons from the Delaware Democratic Party and Dan Sullivan, a Republican from Alaska. The three lawmakers spent nearly three hours in Taiwan. He said the visit demonstrates the support of both American parties for the Democratic Island.

America won’t go alone
“I’m here to tell you that America won’t leave you alone,” Duckworth said at the airport before boarding a US military plane. We will stand alongside the Taiwanese people in their needs during this pandemic and beyond. “We have come here as a friend because we know that Taiwan is facing a challenge right now,” he said. That is why it becomes particularly important for the three of us to be bipartisan here.

Aid will arrive under Couvex
Taiwan was also included in the list of countries receiving 25 million doses of vaccine from the United States last week. The Biden administration said that as part of the first installment of 80 million doses of vaccine, these vaccines will be distributed to countries around the world. Most low-income countries, including Taiwan, will receive these doses of the vaccine as part of the UN-backed COVAX initiative.

The island, with a population of 24 million, located some 160 km off the east coast of China, wants a vaccine following the sudden escalation of the pandemic. Japan sent 1.2 million doses on Friday, pulling out of the Kovax initiative, in a bid to quickly deliver vaccines to Taiwan. However, it is not yet known when the 750,000 doses of vaccine shipped from the United States will arrive.

Taiwan has accused China of hampering efforts to strike a deal with BioNTech to import vaccines made by the German company and US drug maker Pfizer. China says it wants to supply BioNTech’s vaccine to Taiwan via the Chinese subsidiary Fosan. The government of Taiwan has accused China of playing politics in the name of saving lives. Taiwanese law prohibits drugs manufactured in China.

China hinders aid
Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu greeted the three lawmakers at the airport and said he was “honored” to welcome them and thanked them for their cooperation.

He said: ‘Taiwan faces a different challenge in the war on infection. We are doing our best to import vaccines. We need to overcome obstacles to make sure these life-saving drugs are accessible to us without any barriers from Beijing. ‘ He alleged that China constantly obstructs the path of foreign aid to Taiwan and prevents it from participating in the World Health Organization. “We are not unaware of such obstacles,” he said.

Wu said Taiwan is fortunate to have the support of like-minded countries and this helps maintain the country’s independence and democracy in response to dictatorships.

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