Taiwan fighter plane crashed: fighter plane crashed in Taiwan, air force pilot killed – F 5th fighter plane crashed Army pilot Taiwan Air Force dies amid Chinese threat

A Taiwanese F-5E fighter jet crashed during a training operation Thursday morning. The pilot died in it. The Ministry of Defense gave this information. According to the Defense Ministry, the cause of the crash remains to be determined, but it highlights the potential problem with the aging of the Air Force fleet. Taiwan is currently facing a growing threat from China.

The ministry said the plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean within two minutes of flying from Chihang Air Base in eastern Taitung County. According to the ministry, the pilot, Captain Chu Kuan-Meng, was taken out of the sea, but was pronounced dead by medics about an hour after he was taken to a hospital on the coast.

F-5E fighter plane updated several times so far
The F-5E fighter plane, built in the early 1970s, has been updated several times. Taiwan will acquire 66 aircraft from the F-16 and is currently engaged in upgrading aircraft purchased from the United States. Taiwan is also improving its coastal border defenses with the purchase of more than $ 4 billion in missiles and other technological systems intended to take on China.

China has threatened to use military force to bring Taiwan under its control, and has recently stepped up activities in Taiwanese airspace. Previously, China had deployed a DF-17 hypersonic missile and an S-400 air defense system along the border with Taiwan. China has also dramatically increased the size of its troops in this area. Many military observers have expressed concern that China is directly threatening Taiwan by deploying its powerful weapons in the region.

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