taiwan india diwali: diwali money in taiwan foreign minister said to india ‘charming asian neighbor’ – diwali celebrated in taiwan as foreign minister shares stage with indian envoy

Even if China threatens other countries with the intention of establishing dominance or shows them eyes, its threats remain empty. This was noticed in Taiwan when Diwali was celebrated in conjunction with Indian authorities and a message of friendship with Taiwan that the dragon has already dodged.

The government of Taiwan officially organized the celebration of Diwali. A guesthouse in Taipei was used as a state guesthouse which government guests also attended. On this occasion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, Joseph Wu, and the Director General of the India-Taipei Association (Indian Ambassador) Gauranglal Das were present at the celebration.

Previously, China had observed the growing proximity of India and Taiwan. In India, when Taiwan got support, China took a tough stand. Even when Taiwan’s foreign minister attacked China in an interview on Indian News Channel, China officially spoke of complaining to India and threatened to separate Sikkim.

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