Taiwan moderna vaccine: US Taiwan News, US sends 2.5 million COVID vaccines to Taiwan

All countries are cooperating with each other to save the world by fighting against the ravages of Corona. However, this spirit of global cooperation does not appeal to China. The United States sent 2.5 million doses of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine to Taiwan on Sunday as part of humanitarian aid. With that, China is furious. In fact, China does not want any relationship between Taiwan and America. So that America is ready to help its friend Taiwan in any situation.

Why is China annoyed to vaccinate Taiwan?
The dispatch of this vaccine by Moderna to Taiwan has geopolitical implications as well as humanitarian aid. China is increasing the pressure on Taiwan these days. In the meantime, this aid sent from America shows in any case the spirit of strong cooperation between the two countries. Taiwan has never been ruled by the Communist Party since independence from China. Despite this, China has always viewed Taiwan as an integral part.
China Airlines plane reaches Taiwan for vaccine
Moderna’s vaccine shipment arrived in Taiwan on a China Airlines cargo plane. A day earlier, this shipment had been dispatched from Memphis, United States. Senior US officials in Taiwan, Brent Christensen, and Taiwanese Minister of Health Chen Shi-chung were on hand to receive the shipment at the airport outside the capital Taipei.

Called America a trusted friend of Taiwan
The American Taiwan Institute wrote on its Facebook page that the posting reflects the United States’ commitment to Taiwan as a trusted friend and member of the international family of democracy. This institution is in a way the American embassy in Taiwan. Taiwan was somewhat spared from the outbreak of the epidemic, but since May cases of infection have increased and now doses of vaccines are ordered outside.

Agreement has been reached with Moderna for 55 lakh vaccine doses
Taiwan had ordered the purchase of 5.5 million vaccines directly from Moderna, but so far it has only received 390,000 vaccines. The United States earlier this month promised Taiwan 750,000 doses of the vaccine. In the coming days, more quantities of vaccine may be shipped to Taiwan from the United States.

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