Taiwan pork import: Taiwan: controversy over US pork imports, pork intestines thrown in parliament – pig guts and intestines thrown in Taiwanese parliament

The confrontation and differences of opinion between the leaders is not a unique incident, the opposition of Taiwanese lawmakers was shocked by what they saw. These rulers began to shed pork guts. The leaders clashed over pork imports from the United States. Opponents say the decision to import pork from the United States is a health hazard. It contains ractopamine which is banned in Taiwan and in the European Union.

The country’s ruling party denied the accusation and called for a debate. Significantly, such disruptions are common in the Taiwanese parliament. On Friday, the main opposition party, the Kuomintang Party, started to throw pigs at Prime Minister Suu Seng-chang. He was prevented from answering questions in Parliament. Even in the meantime, the push-on has started.

Food waste
The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) condemned the protests. At the same time, it was said that the smell was spreading by wasting food in Parliament. It was requested that the matter be duly discussed. Washington backed Taiwanese President Sai-Ing Wen’s move to ease pork imports from the United States from Jan. 1. However, the decision angered the opposition who expressed concern for the health of the population.

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