Taiwan submarine project: Taiwan denies cooperation with North Korea on submarine technology: Taiwan rejects relationship with North Korea in submarine technology

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Taiwan rejects submarine manufacturing report with North Korea
Taiwan has denied having any defensive relationship with North Korea. The Taiwanese Defense Ministry also rejected a media report that claimed to have carried out an undersea attack with North Korea. The Defense Ministry issued a statement saying Taiwan had never worked with North Korea on submarine technology. We only take help from European countries and USA for this project.

Abandoned relations with North Korea
The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said we have never had contact with North Korea. We only collaborate with European and American partners for the research and development of our submarine. The ministry called the information published on the website of National Interest as false. On Thursday, The National Interest published an article. A 2019 Taiwanese media report claimed that Taipei and Pyongyang were discussing the transfer of North Korean submarine technology to Taiwan.

Taiwan to replace old submarine fleet
In 2016, Taiwan launched an 8-submarine construction project, aimed at replacing the Navy’s aging fleet with new submarines. The four submarines currently in service in this project are to be replaced by 8 new submarines built with the help of American and European countries. The project is expected to be completed by 2024 or 2025. These submarines are being built at the CSBC shipyard.

America did not recognize Taiwan
The United States has yet to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation like many other countries. The United States supplies billions of dollars in arms to Taiwan, but it still adheres to the one-China policy. The two countries have enjoyed informal relations for several decades, which China often threatens.

Taiwan ready for war with China! Fired a missile with a precision attack of up to 400 km
Taiwan builds killer submarines
Taiwan has announced an increase in its military deployment in the South China Sea amid persistent tensions with China. Taiwan’s new Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng told parliament that his country has significantly increased its strength in the South China Sea in recent times. In addition, Taiwan’s submarine fleet is made deadlier by sensitive technology from the United States. The Trump administration last year approved the export of sensitive underwater technology to Taiwan.

Taiwan amid tensions with China, Killer submarines deploy in South China Sea
China stepped up military activities near Taiwan
China has been asserting its rights over Taiwan from the start. This is the reason why Chinese military generals to politicians threatened to invade and occupy Taiwan. In January of this year, China’s Defense Ministry sternly declared that Taiwan’s declaration of independence meant war. For this reason, China has stepped up military activities around Taiwan over the past year. On the other hand, Taiwan has also fully prepared for war, vowing to defend itself.

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