Takabuti Mummy Murder Mystery Solved: Famous Egyptian Woman Mami Takabuti’s Mysterious Death Revealed After 2,600 Years, Find Out How Death

The extremely mysterious death of the much-talked-about Egyptian woman Mami Takabuti has been revealed after 2,600 years. The latest research indicates that Takabuti died after being hit with an ax in the back. Previously, it was believed that Takabuti died from stab wounds. It is believed that Takabuti was an elite woman who lived in the city of Thebes (now Luxor) at this time around 2,600 years ago.

Professor Rosalie David of the University of Manchester and Professor Eileen Murphy of Queen’s University of Belfast have completed the latest research into this mysterious death. Takabuti’s death had been a mystery for decades around the world. This very special mummy was brought to Ireland in 1834 and was first opened several hundred years later.

This latest research was carried out using technology, DNA, X-rays, computed tomography. Meanwhile, Mami’s hair and the accessories that make up her mom were also looked at. Researchers said the military ax was used to kill Takabuti. He said Takabuti was trying to escape from his attacker and in the meantime he was attacked from behind.

Researchers said the attacker could be an Assyrian or someone involved with the people of Takabuti. Earlier in Mami’s scan, it was revealed that Takabuti was attacked with a knife in the upper part of his waist. Takabuti was killed as a result of stab wounds. The latest research now indicates that an ax was used to kill Takabuti. This ax was then used by Egyptian and Assyrian soldiers. Researchers said Takabuti may have been the victim of an attack from his own people.

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