Taliban ask Turkey to leave Afghanistan for Erdogan and Pakistan

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The Taliban have dealt a blow to the Turkish president, who has big plans in Afghanistan, the Taliban has told Turkey they will leave Afghanistan as a NATO member country.
The Taliban have dealt a blow to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has big plans in Afghanistan on the basis of an evergreen friendship with Pakistan. The Taliban on Monday asked Turkey to leave Afghanistan as a NATO member state. After this order from the Taliban, there is now a danger of war between the Turkish army and the Taliban. Not only that, Erdogan’s dream of becoming “caliph” in Afghanistan can also be shattered.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said Turkey will have to permanently withdraw its forces under the agreement signed with the United States on February 29, 2020. Shaheen told the BBC: “All foreign forces, sub -treaters, advisers and coaches should withdraw from Afghanistan “. Shaheen was referring to the September deadline. The Taliban spokesman said Turkey is a large Muslim country and Afghanistan has historic relations with Turkey.
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Erdogan dreamed of Afghanistan
Shaheen said that we hope that in the future, after the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, relations with Turkey will become stronger. In fact, Turkey itself has taken on the responsibility of looking after the security of the international airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Behind this hides an ambition of Turkish President Erdogan. In fact, Turkey is facing a bad economic situation. Not only that, the public order situation is also very bad.

In such a situation, Erdogan tries to present success to the Turkish people. This is why Erdogan wants to stay in Afghanistan. Erdogan had also asked for help from friend Pakistan for this mission. The head of the Turkish army had also visited Pakistan recently. He had asked for Pakistan’s help in Afghanistan, but now Turkey has suffered a major setback because of Suhail Shaheen’s statement.
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The Taliban’s Appropriate Response in Pakistan
Meanwhile, after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, Pakistan, which dreams of doing its arbitrariness with the Taliban, has suffered a setback. Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan spokesman Suhail Shaheen has said bluntly that Pakistan cannot run a dictatorship or impose its views on the organization. At the same time, Shaheen expressed India’s expectation to be impartial in this matter and appealed to the Afghan people and not to “an imposed government”.

In an interview with GeoNews in Pakistan, Shaheen was asked about reports that the Taliban did not want to listen to Pakistan. To that, Shaheen said, ‘We want a brotherly relationship. They can help us in the peace process, but they cannot lead dictatorships or impose ideas on us. It is contrary to international principles.

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