Taliban atrocities: woman beaten by Taliban after phone conversation with man viral video

The Taliban returned to their colors once again as soon as the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan was announced. Sharia defenders of Islamic law in Afghanistan, the Taliban have publicly whipped 40 women for the crime of talking to their boyfriends on the phone. Video of this incident is also going viral on social media. After which many American leaders also attacked the Biden administration in Afghanistan for the deterioration of the condition of women.

Punishment for talking to her boyfriend
As reported by the Daily Mail, the woman spoke on the phone to her boyfriend against Sharia law. After that, the local population went to the Taliban to have him punished. After learning about the whole affair, Taliban fundamentalist Maulana ordered the woman to openly flog 40 in accordance with Islamic law. The great thing was that there was a huge crowd of people to see this incident, but no one protested.

Video reported from Herat province
The video would represent the village of Haftagola located in a remote area of ​​the province of Herat. This footage was first shared on Facebook on April 13. However, according to France 24, the incident dates back to December of last year. In this video, a woman is said to be the victim of the punishment of the three Taliban accused. A crowd of people is sitting around this accused woman. After which, a man is seen whipping the woman.

Taliban continue to kill woman who moans in pain
The woman moans in pain, begging for mercy, but the heart of the religious fanatic does not melt. The woman is crying under her burqa saying that I am repentant, it is my fault, I messed up. However, the process of killing him doesn’t stop. Meanwhile, many people sitting in the crowd are seen recording from cell phones.

Taliban strengthen their grip on Afghanistan
The Taliban are now strengthening their grip after the date of the withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan. He knows that the Afghan government does not have the power to stop him. Taliban militants still maintain their control over much of the country. The government army has not been able to enter these areas to date. There are fears that the Taliban could overthrow and rule after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in September.

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