Taliban attack at Salma dam in Afghanistan: Taliban attack on Indo-Afghan friendship symbol, bomb on Salma dam

The Taliban, waging a bloody war in Afghanistan, have now started attacking the Salma Dam, a symbol of Indo-Afghan friendship. India spent millions of rupees on the Salma Dam and it was India’s most expensive project in Afghanistan. This dam not only produces electricity, but also supplies drinking water to millions of people. Now the Taliban have started to destroy this dam and are continuously raining bombs.

The Salma dam is located in the province of Herat in Afghanistan. The dam was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in 2016. It is one of the largest and largest dams in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, officials have warned that if the dam is damaged, crop irrigation in districts of Herat province will be severely affected.

Afghan officials said Taliban militants were raining shells with rockets and artillery. These shells just landed near the dam but there was no damage to the dam. This dam currently provides water for irrigation in 8 districts. The Afghan Water Regulatory Authority called on the Taliban not to damage this national asset.

Taliban militants have yet to give any assurances about this. The Salma Dam receives 64 crore cubic meters of water and irrigates an area of ​​two lakh acres. From there, the water goes to the Iranian border. 42 MW of electricity are also produced from this dam. In 2004, the Indian cabinet approved an amount of Rs 351 crore for the completion of this dam. Indian engineers had completed the construction of this dam by risking their lives.

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