Taliban attack in Afghanistan: Taliban kill 43 people in Ghazni, Afghan families flee Kandahar

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The bloody game of the Taliban, which claims to have captured 90% of Afghan territory
The bloody game of the Taliban, who claim to have captured 90 percent of Afghan territory, continues. According to residents, Taliban militants killed 43 people in Ghazni. These include the security forces and civilians. Fearing a horrific Taliban attack, thousands of civilians left their homes and settled in Kabul, which is currently controlled by the government army. Faced with the threat of the Taliban, the Afghan government has imposed a nighttime curfew in many areas.

A father who came to Kabul after fleeing Ghazni said his two sons were shot dead by the Taliban. These people were neither government employees nor security personnel. Ghazni-based civil society activist Mina Naderi said: “Taliban terrorists entered the district of Malistan and committed war crimes. They killed people who weren’t fighting. The Taliban attacked people’s homes and looted them. They set the houses on fire.

22,000 Afghan families have fled
“The Taliban have destroyed and looted shops in central Malistan district,” Mina said. Meanwhile, the Taliban have dismissed this claim. Meanwhile, civilians are gripped by a fierce battle between the Taliban and the Afghan army in Kandahar. In the face of this, 22,000 Afghan families fled. Kandahar was once a stronghold of the Taliban and the Taliban went out of their way to capture it.
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The battle is currently taking place on the outskirts of Kandahar City. It is said that the police were negligent, because of which the Taliban came so close. Let us tell you that Taliban militants have declared that peace cannot be established in Afghanistan until the country’s president, Ashraf Ghani, steps down from power. The Taliban have also said they do not want a monopoly on power.

We do not believe in the monopoly of power: the Taliban
The Taliban have said that after Ghani’s withdrawal, a new government will have to be formed in the country through talks. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said this in an interview. Suhail Shaheen is also a member of the bargaining team. The spokesperson said the Taliban would lay down their arms when Ghani’s government left and take control of a government acceptable to all parties involved in the conflict. Shaheen said, “I want to make it clear that we do not believe in a monopoly of power because no government that in the past intended to monopolize power in Afghanistan has proven to be an effective government.

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