Taliban attack in Herat: Taliban attack on the city of Herat

City of Herat
On Saturday, for the third day in a row, there was a violent Taliban attack in the western city of Herat in Afghanistan. Taliban militants used all force to capture the capital of Herat province. Taliban terrorists are said to have arrived very close to the city. In Saturday’s attack, Afghan security forces gave an appropriate response to the Taliban, forcing them to flee. It is said that the Afghan army had to send commandos by air to stop the capture of Herat.

Meanwhile, residents fear that Taliban militants could enter the country’s third largest city, Herat at any time. Thousands of people have fled the city because of this conflict. Afghan security forces claimed Taliban militants were using people’s homes and gardens as shields. Because of this, his campaign slowed down.

Pakistani fighters with the Taliban in Herat
Of the 17 districts of Herat province, only two are now under the control of the Afghan government, Gujara and the city of Herat. Two days of fierce fighting took place in Malan Bridge, south of the city of Herat, but the Taliban also captured it. The Afghan Air Force also assisted in this operation, but the Taliban could not be stopped. The governor of Herat, Abdul Sabur Kane, said Pakistani fighters were helping the Taliban in Herat, Farah and Badghis.

The governor said the Taliban launched an attack on the city of Herat, but their attempt was foiled on the outskirts of the city. In this area, fighters led by Ismail Khan are helping the Afghan army. Meanwhile, residents of the town of Herat said the Taliban approached our homes and the war began. We have no choice but to leave our home. He said that some of our neighbors had stayed but they too will have to leave town.

Commander Colonel Abdul Hamid assassinated
Earlier on Friday, the Taliban killed Colonel Abdul Hamid, commander of the 1st Regiment of the Zafar 207 Corps of the Afghan army. He was waging a war in southern Herat and was taken hostage by the Taliban. The Taliban carried out a major attack on the United Nations office in the city of Herat. Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Fawad Aman said the Taliban again attacked the UN office on Saturday.

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