Taliban attack in Kabul: Taliban continued to rain bombs in Kabul, fearless Afghans took to the streets, says ‘Allah Hu Akbar’

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Taliban activists spilled blood in the Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday evening. Taliban suicide bombers attacked the home of Defense Minister Bismillah Khan and MP Mohsin.
Taliban militants spilled blood Tuesday evening in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The Taliban suicide bombers targeted the home of the country’s Defense Minister Bismillah Khan and MP Mohsin Azimi, who strongly oppose the terrorist organization, in a car bombing. After that, many Taliban terrorists entered Azimi’s house and started shooting. According to Afghan media, at least 10 people were killed in the attacks, including several from the MP’s house.

Even after these attacks, thousands of intrepid people from Kabul took to the streets and waved slogans of “Allah Hu Akbar” to show their solidarity against Taliban terrorists. Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh also took to the streets of Kabul and vehemently opposed the Taliban. In a tweet, Saleh said: ‚ÄúThis is a historic occasion and the response of the people of Kabul. The death of Allah hu Akbar, the Taliban terrorists and their supporters. It is a moment of zeal and nationalism that ‘we cannot forget.
The defense minister released a video, said safely
Afghan Defense Minister and Taliban target for decades, Bismillah Khan, posted a video message saying his residential house had been the target of a terrorist attack. He said he and his family were completely safe, but several of his security guards were injured. Khan said that even after these attacks he would not be intimidated and would continue to give an appropriate response to the Taliban.

These horrific attacks in the capital Kabul came at a time when there was a call to raise the slogan “Allah Hu Akbar” to 9pm in the city of Kabul after Herat. The purpose of this appeal was to demonstrate the solidarity of the people against the Taliban. Thousands of people took to the streets of Kabul and a single voice was heard everywhere, “Allah Hu Akbar”. Many people were standing on the roofs of their houses and from there shouting slogans against the Taliban.

Demonstration against the Taliban everywhere with the slogan ‘Allah Hu Akbar’
Earlier in Herat, too, people took to the streets and protested against Taliban violence. Residents of the city of Herat waved slogans of “Allah Hu Akbar” or “Allah is great” to show their solidarity. It is said that the call to lift this slogan was launched by Ismail Khan, the old Afghan leader raised like a rock against the Taliban. Meanwhile, Saleh had said that Allah was not a toy in the hands of Taliban terrorists. Herat roared. Allah is not a product of Pakistan. Tonight, the people of Herat are either in the streets or on the roofs of their homes, extending their support to the Afghan army.

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